Joshua Yuan

Hello! I'm Joshua, but most people call me Josh and some other people call me Joshy!

I spend the majority of my time participating in activities related to the sport of ultimate frisbee - running, throwing, sleeping, eating, watching film, browsing /r/ultimate, actually playing frisbee, lifting, etc - all to improve at competitive ultimate.
When I'm eating alone, or waiting for anything, I read books via my Kindle (super fun)!
My ideal day might follow this general outline: wake up -> bike for a few hours in some direction -> eat lunch -> read from my kindle -> throw and chase frisbees -> read -> bike home -> eat dinner -> workout -> sleep.

I'd love to take vocal lessons, learn to play the piano, learn ballet and tap, and learn to play chess, so if you're "really good" at any of that, let me know if you'd be interested in teaching me, working with me, or recommending instructive people/places to me!

Please contact me at joshuayuan[@]!