ATLA Transcripts

January 2017 [Completed]




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Since the 4th grade I've been super into Avatar the Last Airbender. I would rewatch episodes, act out scenes, study the Avatar Wikia. At one point, I discovered this website which had the scripts for all the episodes, and more. This was my new goto website because now I could memorize the quotes precisely.

A few years ago, I became paranoid that one day the site might go down and I would lose access to the scripts, so I thought of manually copy and pasting the contents into a document, or of manually saving the html, but these were inefficient and excessive actions, so I figured the best way to go about this would be to write a script which could visit each page and save the html automatically (a web crawler).

January 2017 I decided to stop procrastinating and just write this program.

How it works

The function generateURLs creates a list of strings formatted like "" and appended with a book and episode number. For example, "" corresponds to the script for Book 3, Episode 5.

Then, the function openPages iterates through that list generated from the previous function, and calls the writeHtmlToFile function, passing the html for each page and a title string as arguments. writeHtmlToFile scans the whole html string for "<blockquote>" and "</blockquote>" substrings and saves the content between those two tags into a new file in the scripts folders.

Open the file in browser - Tada!